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JUNE 2022

PC 67 (Private): Hingaia 1 Precinct Decision

Auckland Council Decision

On 1 June 2022, Auckland Council released the decision on Plan Change 67, approving the rezoning of land with Park Green to ‘Mixed Housing Urban’ and amending the provisions of the Hingaia 1 Precinct.

The decisions approved the following development outcomes for residential lots within Park Green:

  • A maximum building coverage of 50% for lots less than 400m2 in area and 45% for lots 400m2 or more in area
  • A maximum impervious of 70% for lots less than 400m2 in area and 60% for lots 400m2 or more in area
  • A minimum landscaped area of 30% for lots less than 400m2 in area and 35%
  • No longer requiring resource consent to utilise the alternative height in relation to boundary recession planes (subject to meeting design criteria)
  • Removing the rules limiting the width of garage doors and lengths of buildings
  • No longer requiring resource consent for show homes (subject to daytime operating hours and maximum five year duration)

The decisions ensured that a suitably sized neighbourhood centre can be established at the corner of Park Estate Road and Park Green Avenue by adjusting the extent of the Neighbourhood Centre zone and removing the limit on the total retail gross floor area that can be established there.

The plan change decision also updated the formatting and layout of the Hingaia 1 Precinct to better match the remainder of the Auckland Unitary Plan, and streamlined provisions related to vacant sites subdivision, such as updating the precinct plan to reflect the latest Park Green master plan.

Appeals on the plan change decision close on 15 July 2022.

The full text of the decision can be accessed on the Auckland Council website here.

Plans and Photos courtesy of: Auckland Council


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