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APRIL 2022

Park Estate Road Bridge – Construction Update

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is replacing the existing Park Estate Road overbridge as part of the Stage Highway 1 (SH1) Papakura to Drury South project (the project) as its supporting central and side structures cannot accommodate the additional motorway lanes to be built underneath. As part of the replacement, the bridge is being raised and the eastern and western approaches on either side of SH1 are being rebuilt. Most of the existing underground services along the approach to the new bridge are either being relocated or replaced as part of the work.

Work is now underway building the approaches on both sides of Park Estate Bridge (pictured below left, western side and right, eastern side). The new road pavement is being built up in layers and is supported by large retaining walls on both sides of the bridge. Water carts are operating regularly to suppress dust.

The old Park Estate Bridge will be demolished after traffic is switched onto the southern half of the new bridge. This is anticipated to occur in mid-late May. The existing Park Estate Bridge will be demolished over a 14-hour period on a Saturday night. This entails a night of full motorway closure between Papakura and Drury interchanges with traffic detoured in both directions along Great South Road and Beach Road. Vehicle and pedestrian access to the western end of Park Estate Road will be closed other than to residents and the emergency services.

While the southern half of the new bridge that traffic has been switched onto will be trafficable throughout bridge demolition works, movements across it will need to be minimised. It is expected that traffic will be switched onto the new southern half of the bridge during the week prior to the old bridge demolition. The southern section of the new bridge will temporary serve as a single lane operating in both directions under temporary traffic lights while NZTA construct the northern section of the new bridge. When complete, the southern section will serve as the pedestrian path and the cycle path. The northern section to be constructed following demolition of the existing bridge, provides both permanent vehicle lanes.

The new bridge completion is expected in December 2022.

Source: Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency


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